• EURO STONE SRL operates in the field of stone products extraction since 1998 in the territories of southern France.
    Our company specializes in the extraction of blocks from Vert d’Estours own quarries, located in the municipality of Seix Ariege and in the extraction of other materials such as Opera Fantastica, Sarrancolin Versailles and Hautacam.



The marble “VERT D’ESTOURS” is a material known and appreciated since ancient times, the opening of the quarry dates back to the mid-end of the nineteenth century, used as a decoration of interiors, exteriors, funerary art, urban furniture, as evidenced by the uses in the palace of Versailles and in other historic French buildings and more.
The activity of the quarry was suspended between 1900 and 1915, due to the war events and has now been definitively reopened by the Italian company “EURO STONE SRL” of Massa – Italy that takes care of the extraction and distribution in blocks, slabs , worked, from the deposits of Massa and Verona. The quarry is able to provide large quantities in large blocks, perfectly framed that make the material suitable for any type of supply, from the single slab to the large project.
The marble “VERT D’ESTOURS” is extracted in the only existing quarry, located in the south of France, in the chain of the central Pyrenees (Midy-Pyrenees) in the municipality of Sieux (Ariege). It is a very compact crystalline limestone, with a brecciated appearance with thin green veins on a white / ivory background, easy to work and can receive various types of surface finishes (smoothing, polishing, brushing, antiquing, PEC …), which enhance the color values ​​and intrinsic qualities. It is a material that due to its compactness can be cut to thin thicknesses, starting from 1 cm. thick, and be used for interior / exterior cladding, flooring, furniture and decorative elements. The open stain workmanship enhances its finesse and decorativeness with the various possible combinations.

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