• We present a series of images of our quarry and some works made with our Vert d’Estours material



The VERT D’ESTOURS marble comes from the homonymous locality located in the South of France, in the Central Pyrenees, approximately 5,500 km South West of the Municipality of Seix (Ariege). The extraction is carried out with a diamond wire machine, a chain saw called Fantini, which cuts the marble vertically and horizontally, in order to obtain blocks of 15 to 20 tons depending on the request. This material is a very fine marble from the Griottes family. It has an ivory white base disseminated by a multitude of thin green lines, very easy to work, it can be smoothed without any difficulty with excellent results.
VERT D’ESTOURS marble can withstand any type of climate and is very suitable for interior and exterior cladding, objects, fireplaces, floors, internal and external stairs. Our material is the only one that can pride itself on this name, since it has been forgotten for many years, and only today, we have created a unique product of its kind and exceptional qualities. The VERT D’ESTOURS or (VERT VERT) already in the era of Louis XIV was used for the construction of columns, chimneys and floors such as that of the Main Hall of the Chateaux de Versailles. The effect is even more spectacular when used for large surfaces, creating geometric paintings, playing with its wavy green lines, creating plays of light and shades of color. Today it is also very appreciated by sculptors like Neal Barab, who used it in the creations of many of his sculptures such as Ping Pong, Scaut.



Apparent weight 2,600-2,700 Kg/m3

Porosity 0,3-0,5 %

Resistance to compression140-155 Mpa

Wear resistance26-30 mm

Saturation factor 0,8-0,9

Dynamic extension factor 75,000 Mpa

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